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Dunedin TimeBank

The Value of Timebanking

The value of timebanking

Edgar Cahn on the value of TimeBanking

"TimeBanking is like a (growing tree or) babysitting pool, where you put in (the) time and get back time with people you trust. With TimeBanking, you offer the things you love to do, whether it's giving lessons or rides or home repair. Then you ask for what you need, using the credit you earned by giving.

It is important to remember that in Timebanking, both receiving and giving have equal weight. If you give 10 hours, you receive 10 hours. One hour = one hour, no matter what is exchanged.

Timebanking can also be used to help to build community. It's a way to come to each other's rescue. It's about exchanges and relationships and collaborative efforts and universal values. Humans have an inherent need to reach out to each other. Timebank is a way to value what it means to be a human being by awarding credit for Community Service. (Link to come)

Trust is important: we earn trust by working together, sharing together, collaborating together. We make a commitment to relationships and sinking roots in our community. We need a way to trust each other. Timebanking gives a platform to do just that because all members agree to The Five Core Values.

Collaboration, friendship, caring for each other, to be inter-dependent: these are some of the benefits of being a member of Timebank" ..... (Link to come).

See more of Edgar's interview at Edgar Cahn on TimeBanking.

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