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Dunedin TimeBank

Dunedin TIMEBANKER'S invite you to go to the ''Join' tab (top right) to share with other people one of your many talents (akin to sharing a book from a library). It is simple to do, just offer to lend a hand or make a request.

We are all volunteers and wish to offer the visitor, the very best of service. However currently, we are inundated with enquires and there is a time delay in responding. Please have patience and we will in time acknowledge your interest. New systems are being piloted and you can be assured that the wheels are turning albeit slowly. If you have an urgent need for an early response please text or phone Nigel on 027 431 1961.  Otherwise, go to the 'join' Tab (top right) and we look forward to endeavouring to contact you, in the first instance by telephone. Thank you for your patience. Remember, if you have an urgent request or offer please call or text Nigel 027 431 1961.