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Dunedin TimeBank

Dunedin TIMEBANK Trust was launched on Saturday 26th June 2018

At St Peter's Church Public Hall, Caversham we enjoyed a hearty potluck luncheon and celebrated the signing of the Dunedin TIMEBANK Trust Deed.

In the presence of distinguished guests from Otakau Marae who shared our celebration. We learnt the meaning of the Maori word 'mihimihi'. In every gathering, it is incredibly important for us to build a springboard of trust where people may informally introduce themselves, to spur meaningful relationships. 

Mr R.E. Montgomery J.P.  (Monty) officiated, witnessing the signatures as simultaneously a candle was lit, for each trustee when they signed the deed. The significance is that trustees are offering to light; the future pathway for all DTB community stakeholders, offering their individual talents, abilities and learnings. Akin to a lighthouse that serves to both protect and ensure safe passage, for all souls (passengers and crew) that ply the oceans of the world.  

A trust deed condition was openly canvassed to let members know that following two years operation the community will be invited to form an incorporated society to demonstrate that all members are stakeholders. The trust is like a small tugboat whose job is to pilot an ocean-going liner safely out of the harbour and through the heads to the open sea. (Our intention is to apply for charitable status).  At the afternoon tea, strangers shared with their new neighbours and a number of new members were signed up.