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Dunedin TimeBank

Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 12:00 PM — 2:00 PM

In gratitude Sharing Light lunch at the Distiller. Cnr. Forth St & Leithbank, North Dunedin


Dunedin TimeBank Village

All matter and the universe are continually in motion. At a level we cannot see there is an unbroken whole, ‘an implicate order’ out of which seemingly discrete events arise. All human beings are part of that unbroken whole, which is continually unfolding. Two of our responsibilities in life are to be open and to learn, thereby becoming more capable of sensing and actualising emerging new realities. “Synchronicity - the Inner Path of Leadership: ch. 20 Setting The field p.146. Joseph Jaworski”



Tuesday 3rd December 2019

12 noon – 2.00 pm


The Distiller

Dunedin Startup

22 Leithbank, Cnr Forth St.

Dunedin TimeBank members warmly invite you

To a-light pot-luck lunch

COME celebrate the past 2019 and the future upcoming 2020

Please bring your-self and which-ever is in your cable-tow to share:


A smile, a token, a plate, a drink, a koha, a friend

All welcome:

Everyone has something to proffer


Are you in need transport call 027 431 1961 b4 Tuesday & we will use our best endeavours?